10 Best Tips to Catch Trophy Northern Pike

10 Best Tips to Catch Trophy Northern Pike

Of all the cool water fish anglers would love to call 'trophy material', trophy northern pike definitely poses an imminent challenge before even setting up camp. With gnarly teeth, serpentine-like appearances and oozing with fish machismo, these northern wilderness dwellers never make themselves an easy catch, the reason we're presenting potential anglers with these 10 best tips to catch trophy northern pike. Upon completion of this read, head out to Kasba Lake Lodge where they are known for trophy northern pike.

1. Bring Heavy Leaders

Regular monofilament is a joke to trophy northern pike, providing them a quick snack before heading down the road. Using thick 12", 30 pound leaders will provide more stability when casting, dragging and snagging your new best friend. Make sure the line attaching the leaders has little lead - 6" is doable.

2. Keep Your Romance At Home

Offering your best Eskimo kiss will probably cost you surgical bills beyond affordability. Therefore, when angling these slender beasts, keep your distance and avoid close contact when possible, or risk losing facial appearances. One look at their sharper teeth should be convincing enough.

3. Get A Gripper

The quickest way to lose precious flanges would be to grab pike right off the line. Therefore, always handle them with strong pliers, at the very least. Jaw spreaders, and needle nose pliers, have done the trick for hundreds of trophy northern pike fishermen before you, making them an optimal buy before visiting the lake.

4. Pack Serious Heat

Tackle shopping specifically for trophy northern pike is important, with spinnerbait and spoons being your upper echelon needs. Some preferred buys include Rooster Tails, Rapala Shad Rap, or virtually any minnow imitating plugs along with spoons that don't exceed 1oz. of total weight.

5. Pick Heavy Duty Assemblies

Baitcast reels work perfectly, provided you've threaded some heavy-duty test line through your rod. Some have had great success with fly rods gauged at 9-weight or above, while wilderness northern pike may take heavier artillery to snag. Read reviews written by other anglers when shopping specific online storefronts as many pikers will give you hints, secrets, etc. relevant to which reel-rod combos work well.

6. Know Where To Look

As the name implies, northern territories of United States have your plethora of pike nicely supplied by nature. Many tout Vermont, Minnesota, the Dakotas (in reservoirs, mainly) and Colorado as the best areas for nicely sized pike while northern parts of the Upper Peninsulas of Michigan and Wisconsin have their stash, too.

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7. Learn Northern Pike Reading

Sounds senseless to newbies, yet northern pike mapping may actually cut down on bait expenditures, allow for quicker catching and perhaps allow you to scoop several biggies within a matter of minutes. Learn prominent shorelines, swampy inlets and other areas of darker nature where pike may hide, waiting for your weaker spider line to become their afternoon snack.

8. Use Daredevil Lures

Eppinger, for one, makes some excellent 5-of-Diamonds daredevil lures which attract the beefiest pike around. Traditionally, northern pike love hitting the surface lures the hardest, making Daredevils perhaps your best chance to hit quickly. Jitterbugs also have worked wonderfully for professional pike anglers.

9. Try Different Baits

You're not exactly dealing with 'retarded' fish; you may find fruition when playing with different bait-spoon-sinker combos to throw northern pike off their game. Dealing with ferocious appetites mean trouble for anglers unprepared to handle various feeding patterns; change your bait early, and often.

10. Mixing It Up

Various combinations of the above, more specifically the lure and location selections, will provide valuable fishing experience which, through trial and error, will eventually make you the most aggressive, astute and well-prepared angler in your neighborhood.

Pike Fishing Is Challenging

Experienced anglers will profess that, even after decades of pike fishing, difficulties still arise when hitting the waters for fresh northern pike. You must understand your bait, know the area which you've chosen to fish, and always take precautionary measures when handling these ferociously tasty fish. The guides at Kasba Lake fishing lodge are very experienced with Northern Pike fishing and can give you valuable advice on equipment choice and take you to the best areas to fish . Hope these 10 best tips to catch Northern Pike will help you catch the big one.