Inuit Ku,
the river of men.

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Welcome to the Spectacular Kazan River.

To the North lies a mighty river of myth and legend. Known as much for its record breaking fishing opportunities as it is for its untamed beauty. The Kazan River is a Canadian Heritage River, flowing as the sole outflow from Kasba Lake on route to Hudson Bay it has provided a sanctuary for hundreds of thousands of Caribou and the Inuit people who live off them for thousands of years.

Made for world-class fishing.

While the history is rich, the fishing is richer on the waters of the Kazan with heavy flowing waters filled with the best Arctic Grayling fishing found anywhere on the planet. The Kazan’s rapids and pools teem with record book-sized Arctic grayling, and don’t forget the giant lake trout that each spring move into the river to feed heavily on the smaller prey. There is simply nothing more exciting than reeling in another world-class Grayling and seeing the massive shadow of a 30 lb + Lake Trout moving in to make a kill.


Adventure awaits down river.

Considered a must-do by every visitor, Kasba’s most popular fly-out destination is the Kazan River, 25 miles north of the lodge. Flying into the Kazan on our float plane is an adventure unto itself, landing on a wide calm stretch. There our boats await for you to load your day’s gear into and venture up and down stunning sets of rapids – with your professional guide navigating, of course – in search of the next great fishing spot. Because of its world-class sportfishing and unique natural environment, visiting the Kazan has been designated a Canadian Signature Experience.

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Terrific fishing at a very well run lodge. Great people and a great experience. My 4th time visiting Kasba. Superb accommodations and meals. Great equipment and guides. Pike, grayling and lake trout on a magnificent lake.


I have been to Kasba 10 times and every trip seems like it is the best one. The fishing is always great but what separates Kasba from other lodges is the passion of the guides. The Hill family has established a great culture with their guides that is awesome.

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