Our history is full of,
Kasba Style.

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It all started with a dream.

In the early 1970s, Doug Hill stood on the edge of Wollaston Lake in northeastern Saskatchewan, and gazed northwards, toward Canada’s vast tracts of untouched woods and waters – towards the tundra and the open plains above the tree line. Doug had a dream: Find a way for anglers in the southern towns and cities of North America to experience the extraordinary trophy fishing and remote wilderness of Canada’s Arctic region.

First of it’s time

By this time, Doug was no stranger to the remote backcountry. A pioneering outfitter, he’d established the first lodge on Wollaston Lake more than a dozen years before, and it quickly become known as a prime destination for northern pike. However, this success brought new concerns. Other lodges had sprung up, and a newly constructed road meant more and more visitors arriving from the south – commercial fishing on the lake even began. He foresaw that more neighbours, trailers and RVs meant more anglers, and a likely decline of the fishery. But Doug craved true wilderness—a place free of roads, utility poles, tanker trucks and, yes, neighbours.

The search for true wilderness.

So, he began making exploratory flights in his trusty bush plane, along with his young sons, Rob and Mike. Landing on each new lake, the boys would perch on the floats with their rods, testing the fishing. Doug eventually settled on Kasba Lake, a huge, pristine jewel in Canada’s fabled Northwest Territories. The lake’s rocky islands and forested shorelines were untouched by human development, save for a few relics and tent rings left by indigenous hunters. Here, under the midnight sun and the northern lights, Doug found a peace and solitude unlike anywhere else he’d been. Over 150 miles from the nearest dirt road, and totally untouched by the modern world, Kasba Lake promised future guests both great fishing and a true wilderness experience.

How do guests get here.

But getting those guests to the lake posed a major challenge. Though accessible by light float plane, this wasn’t a practical way to bring in visitors, especially those from far-flung locales. So, in the spring of 1974, using a bulldozer flown in piece by piece, and assembled on the shore of Kasba Lake, Doug, Rob and Mike set out to build an airstrip.

And so it began.

In the summer of 1975, the first fishermen arrived at Kasba Lake Lodge in a DC-3, which needed every inch of the bumpy new 3,000-foot runway. During those early days, the accommodations could charitably be called “rustic,” but the fishing was legendary. As word spread about nascent Kasba Lake Lodge, anglers from far and wide came to experience its extraordinary fishing and unique Arctic beauty. To protect Kasba’s pristine and precious fishery, Doug soon took the revolutionary step of instituting a strict catch-and-release policy—the first of its kind in Canada.

Early days.

Over the years, the lodge grew, with outhouses, washbasins and wall tents giving way to private cabins, housekeeping service and modern amenities. Early guests navigated Kasba’s daunting waters in 14-foot boats, with 15-horsepower outboards. But before long, the fleet was made up of larger, much more comfortable vessels, and motors outfitted with the latest in fishing technology. Now after a long, “hard” day of trophy fishing, guests can look forward to exquisite meals in a full service dining room and cool cocktails, served in the lodge’s lakefront lounge. That family tradition continues today into its 3rd generation of family ownership, with Matt and Amanda Hill, along with the rest of the family, continuing to create the Kasba story.

Where Kasba style began.

Most importantly, Kasba developed a unique style all its own. Part of it was the lodge’s remoteness, which drew people together. Friendships bloomed among the guests and staff who returned, season after season. The antics—and angling prowess—of legendary guides like Gordo, China and Crash are now replaced with modern characters like Par, T-Rev, and Scottie-Too-Hottie – creating a intangible atmosphere of fun and commitment to the job, as well as the place. Our guests—both first timers and those who visit every year—have contributed greatly to Kasba’s history and traditions. Yet there’s little doubt that Doug Hill contributed the most of all to the now-famous “Kasba Style” with his words of wisdom: “Work hard, and play hard, but remember that we’re only here for one reason: our guests.”

Where we are today.

Today, with Doug in our hearts, the Kasba Crew still lives and breathes that mantra. Whether this is your first, fifth or 25th visit, all of us at Kasba Lake Lodge sincerely hope you have a wonderful experience, relaxing, fishing and enjoying the unique spirit of this beautiful and special place. Most of all, we hope to welcome you back soon, to share in the fun, friendships and traditions that Kasba Lake Lodge has to offer. After all, you too, are part of the legendary Kasba Style—and our ever-evolving story.

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Terrific fishing at a very well run lodge. Great people and a great experience. My 4th time visiting Kasba. Superb accommodations and meals. Great equipment and guides. Pike, grayling and lake trout on a magnificent lake.


Kasba Lake Lodge is one of the best fishing experiences I’ve ever had. The remote beauty of the land and the sheer power of the fish in this lake is breath-taking. The staff is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. The guides can put you on fish all day every day. For how remote the location this place will not disappoint.

Mitchell R.

Very professional. All gear provided! Great food and fun! Well worthwhile. From the time you arrive until the time you leave you will be treated as a most valued guest. You are treated like a king by the servers and the guides.

Tom S.
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