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Welcome to our FAQ page, your go-to source for all things related to our remote fishing resort. Explore our frequently asked questions to ensure your visit is extraordinary, and don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team for assistance in planning your fishing adventure of a lifetime.

Do I need to bring rods and reels?

No. We provide all guests at Kasba complimentary spinning tackle, trolling rods, and light action grayling gear. We also have a selection of closed face baitcasting rods available for your use. We take pride in providing quality gear for your use so there is no need to bring along a cumbersome rod tube on your trip. If you would like to bring your own rods that is no problem and you are welcome to do so but please ensure your rod case is under 8ft in length for the cargo hold on the aircraft.

What kind of lures should I bring?

When it comes to providing terminal tackle for fishing, we’ve discovered that it’s often a no-win situation. Most anglers already have their preferred lures or flies that they swear by. However, it’s always a good idea to bring along a selection of essentials while keeping simplicity in mind.

For casting purposes, consider packing a few spinners in sizes 4 to 6, a couple of Johnson Silver Minnows, a variety of spoons, some swimbaits for inactive pike, and maybe a flatfish or two. These options should cover a wide range of fishing scenarios. Remember, our tackle shop stocks these and many more items, including leaders and various odds and ends you might need during your fishing trip.

All of our guides are tackle junkies and may have their own preferred tackle for you to use.

For fly fishermen, the approach is relatively simple. Stock up on plenty streamers and clouser minnows. Ensure you have a range of sizes, particularly size 1/0 hooks. Additionally, pack some Deceivers, and a couple of topwater flies. Our tackle shop offers a wide selection of flies at competitive prices.
If you’re planning a grayling fly out, complimentary flies and tackle will be provided.

In summary, bring along a small box of your favorite lures or flies, but keep it simple. Happy fishing!

What is included?
  • Transportation (from Winnipeg, MB)
  • Meals, accommodations
  • Professional Guide
  • 18.5′ Alumarine boats, 40hp four-stroke motor, gas
  • Soft drinks and bottled water
What species are available at Kasba?

At Kasba we have the three main sportfish available in the North.

  • Ferocious Northern Pike
  • Giant Lake Trout
  • World Record Arctic Grayling
How long of a flight is it from winnipeg?

There will be a quick re-fueling stopover in Lynn Lake. The flight duration from Winnipeg to Lynn Lake is about 2.5 hours, with a 30 minute re-fueling stop. It is then another 50 minutes to Kasba Lake Lodge!

What type of aircraft do we fly?

We charter Calm Air’s ATR-42 and ATR-47 depending on our load requirements. The ATR’s exceptional short-runway performance makes it ideal for flying into remote communities, or remote lodges such as Kasba Lake Lodge.

Do you land at the lodge?

Yes! When the aircraft lands at the lodge you are steps away from your cabin and our full service lounge where a made to order brunch is waiting for you.

Are the cabins private?

Yes! All of our cabins feature private rooms, bathroom and all the creature comforts of home including on demand hot water, heat, and modern decorations as well as pine wood throughout.

What else is there to do during my trip?

The main goal of the trip is to have a great time and catch a ton of fish! But there is alot more to do and see at Kasba besides fish. Options include:

  • A tundra walk around camp exploring the natural flora
  • A walk along the top of the esker, tracing the migratory route of the areas native Caribou
  • A visit to Goathe Island to see the white rocks and breathtaking geology
  • A paddle in one of our canoes. You can even fish for pike around a small isolated lake adjacent to the lodge!
  • Explore the history of the area and visit a tent rings site left behind by indigenous peoples of the area.
  • Play some games at the lodge including Kasba corn hole, Crib, Jenga, or any of a number of board/ card games
  • Select a book from our library and enjoy from your cabin or a comfortable seat in our main lodge overlooking the lake
  • Learn to tie a fly in our fully stocked fly bench with lessons from your guide
  • Learn about native edible berries and teas as you explore some foraging options on our nature walk
  • Stay up late on a clear night and take in the breathtaking beauty of the Northern Lights
  • Sit and enjoy a campfire with friends and family outside the main lodge
  • Take the plunge and go for a cool swim in the waters of the Northwest Territories
  • Go on an adventurous hike and explore the four corners of Nunavut/ Northwest territories, Manitoba and Saskatchewan
How many staff work at Kasba?

At Kasba our guest to staff ratio is about 1 to 1 ensuring you have a fully catered fishing trip and are able to focus simply on relaxing, enjoying your stay and catching the memory of a lifetime.

How much are flyout trips?

All of our fly-out options are $600 per person or $500 when reserved before your trip. Please let Amanda know if you would like to pre-book a fly-out.

Is a fly-out trip necessary?

Not at all. The fishing on Kasba lake is great for all three species of fish and that is one of the things that makes Kasba so special! However we do have options to enhance your experience at Kasba with a daytrip to one of our exceptional flyout destinations. Accessible only by air, these destinations see extremely few fishermen every year and provide opportunities for incredible fishing including the best Arctic Grayling fishing on the planet!

Where is Kasba?

Kasba Lake Lodge is located approximately 1000 miles north of the Canada/US border in the Northwest Territories. Our lodge is only accessible by air which has allowed the surrounding area to be untouched, in the same state it was thousands of years ago.

What’s the weather like?

We are only open for a short period of the year, meaning we are generally at the lodge for the nice weather! Summer temperatures usually arrive in the beginning of July and last until the third week of August. But expect some cooler days! A layered clothing system is favorable to adapt to any weather changes. This together with your rain gear will ensure your comfort while fishing. It’s hard to predict the weather in the far north, so best to be prepared!

Can I take fish home?

Kasba Lake Lodge has always been a catch and release fishery meaning we only keep what you eat for lunch. The rest of the fish including our trophy class fish are released to ensure the fishery at Kasba remains as good in the future as it was when we first opened.

How long is a fishing day?

Guides’ regular hours are from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. If you wish the services of a guide after hours, please make arrangements with him. However, boats and motors are available for use by our guests at any time. For safety reasons, we insist that two responsible adults be in the boat at all times. (No “singles” please.) Guests who choose to take boats out by themselves will take full responsibility for damages incurred to the equipment.

What kind of boats are used at Kasba?

Our boats are 18ft Alumarine boats with 40 HP Yamaha outboards. These boats are known as the ultimate boat of the north. All are equipped with high end fish finders, comfortable premium seats, life jackets, safety equipment, radio communication devices and first aid kits.

Our fly out boats are 16’ Lund boats with full casting decks, comfortable seats, 25hp Yamaha high thrust outboards, and safety equipment.

Is there parking available in Winnipeg if I choose to drive to Winnipeg?

Yes. On-site parking is available at the Courtyard Marriott for those who are driving to Winnipeg. It is $15 per day.

What are the bugs like?

The answer really depends on many variables such as humidity, time of season, and other weather conditions. Nine times out of 10 bugs won’t play a factor in your trip to Kasba, and when they do they can easily be remedied with a combination of proper clothing and insect repellant. The good news is that they really are not a problem while you are in the boat fishing (which is where you spend most of your time anyway!) If you are worried about the bugs, consider purchasing a “bug jacket” from your local sporting goods store.

Still have questions?

We’ve got answers! Please use the form below to submit your inquiries, and our dedicated team will provide you with the information you need. Your queries help us ensure you have all the details necessary for an exceptional experience at our remote fishing resort.

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