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Triple Trophy Fishing

Kasba Lake and its surrounding watershed are home to northern Canada’s three most prized sportfish: World Class Lake Trout, Giant Northern Pike, and record breaking Arctic Grayling. Thanks to Canada’s first catch-and-release policy, those fish are found in both extraordinary numbers and trophy sizes.

Massive Lake Trout fishing.

Canada’s far north is home to more and bigger lake trout than anywhere else in the world. Kasba sits in the heart of lake-trout country, and its cold, clean, forage-rich waters provide ideal conditions for growing lakers over 50 pounds. Lake trout aren’t just beautiful, they’re also among the most powerful fish in freshwater.

Trophy lake trout of 20 pounds and over are landed on Kasba Lake almost every day of the season. In addition, there’s an astonishing number of fish in the five- to 15-pound range. When targeting these mid-size lakers, 50-fish days are common, and 100-fish days are quite possible. Because the waters of Kasba are so varied, anglers can target lake trout with a wide range of tackle and tactics. Trolling and jigging are most popular, but casting lures or flies can also be very effective.

Trophy sized Northern Pike.

Long, thick and bristling with teeth, northern pike are beloved by anglers for their aggressive attitude and thrashing fights. Thanks to the cold water, these pike stay shallow all season long.

Every year, Kasba guests land hundreds of trophy pike on light tackle and fly gear in shallow bays and creeks, aggressively feeding. They can be sight-fished, and will hit a wide variety of lures and flies. As the summer progresses, the pike begin to patrol endless weedbeds in six to 12 feet of water with plenty of action and trophy size catches all summer long.

Legendary Arctic
Grayling fishing.

Few fish are as strikingly beautiful as the Arctic grayling. Football shaped with an oversize dorsal fin, they boast iridescent colouring ranging from silver to pink to mauve. Adding to their appeal, grayling are found only in the most remote and unspoiled areas of the far north. One of those places is the Kazan River, which tumbles northward out of Kasba Lake.

Across the north, a two-pound grayling is considered a trophy. But at Kasba, it’s hard to catch a grayling under two pounds. Three-pound fish are common, and every year, anglers land fish over four pounds. Even better, these huge grayling inhabit this remote area in staggering numbers. Grayling are also extremely hard fighters, offering exceptional sport on light spinning or fly gear.

Fishing Tackle
Fly Fishing
Fly-Out Trips

Fishing Tackle

Enjoy a worry-free fishing experience at Kasba Lake Lodge! We provide complimentary custom-selected rods and reels for all trophy species, so you can leave your gear at home. Our remote lodge offers world-class fishing with plenty…

Fly Fishing

Kasba Lake Lodge offers fly fishing opportunities for both advanced and novice anglers. The ability to fish all three species of Northern Pike, Lake Trout, and Arctic Grayling on the fly is what really sets us apart…

Fly-Out Trips

Kasba Lake Lodge is located in a remote part of Canada’s Northwest Territories, but during your visit, it’s possible to travel even deeper into the wilderness. Kasba maintains a floatplane on site, and offers fly-out fishing trips to several nearby lakes…


The fishing in Kasba Lake, the Kazan River and our surrounding watershed is every bit as good today, as when Kasba Lake Lodge opened five decades ago. Since the very beginning, the lodge’s overriding policy has been conservation of the fishery…

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Discover the True Canadian North.

Over 1,500 square miles of natural wilderness to explore, guests of Kasba Lake are experience nature as it’s intended to be. Fish that have never seen lures. Shorelines that have never witnessed the footprint of man. Untouched. Unspoilt. Unbelievable. Check out the map below and discover more.

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