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Kasba Lake, there are no limits.

Located in the temperate subarctic in Northern Canada in the Northwest Territories, just north of the Manitoba – Saskatchewan border. Kasba Lake is Canada’s 28th largest lake spanning 55 by 25 miles.

The lake is 150 miles from the nearest road, is accessible only by air, and is fished exclusively by our guests on Canada’s best fishing trips.

Our strict catch and release policy ensures top fishing conditions making Kasba one of the top Canada fishing resorts for your fishing trip.

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Offering excellent Pike fishing, a chance to explore two of the three trappers’ cabins, and a glimpse into Canada’s fur trade history.
White Partridge Island
Home to the Sisters and numerous islands, this area has produced thousands of Big Trout, and its uncharted southeast side offers unexplored territory for adventurous anglers to discover.
Schwandt River
A well known spot for early season giant Trout, this warm water inflow attracts fish from all over, while also offering opportunities for Grayling and Northern Pike.
Far from the lodge, this remote location, boasts a stunning inflow for dream Northern Pike fishing and the vast rolling sand flats for trout opportunities.
A well-known spot for non-stop shallow water trout action, an isolated Pike bay with trophy potential, and a picturesque shore lunch spot cherished by Kasba’s guides.
The Dome
A renowned spawning structure and deep hole where large trout gather before spawning, is celebrated among Kasba anglers for its magical fishing opportunities.
East Side Esker
Snaking from the east to White Partridge Island offers miles of prime Trout and Grayling finishing, including popular spots like the Worm Hole, Slay Ledge, and the Dome.
This mid lake cluster of islands loaded with Lake Trout and Grayling. Fish rocky shorelines or deep holes with a shallow waters making a refuge for thousands of fish!
The Narrows
Often the only passage from the lodge to the south basin during the first week of the season when the main lake is locked in ice, ripe with Pike, Grayling and Lake Trout.
Kai Island
The largest Island on Kasba Lake is separated from mainland by a small narrows to the south, providing Pike, Grayling, and trout opportunities all around its lengthy shorelines.
Alligator Alley
A highway for northern Pike traveling up and down the Eagle River. Alligator alley provides a carpet of aquatic vegetation and inviting shorelines for Pike anglers to target.
Eagle River
Producing countless trophy pike, this river is lined with rocky points and weedy shorelines to keep anglers busy all day chasing toothy pike.
Snowbird River
Flowing into Kasba Lake and provides the adventurous angler an opportunity to explore some great pike fishing waters from one of our two available 16ft boats.
Gothe Island
A beautiful island lined with stunning, white quarts rocks. Troll steep drop offs close to shore or jig the 100+ holes adjacent to this breathtaking island for giant Lake Trout.
Bay of Pigs
Sight cast Lake Trout on sand flats, troll or jig for big trout and fish a few pike bays that offer shallow water action on spinning tackle or fly rods.
Fantasy Bay
A fisherman’s fantasy with big Pike, aggressive Lake Trout, picturesque sceneries and a glimpse back in time at an old trapper’s cabin on the shoreline of the bay.
Simmons Island
Steeped in history this is the largest island in Kasbas North Basin with troll expansive sand flats on route to some of the other legendary fishing spots around.
North East Esker
A migratory route for the areas native caribou, this picturesque esker snakes for 100’s of miles across the sub arctic terrain, and provides a home for big Lake Trout!
Boundary Bay
Known for lots of Trout and big Pike. For the adventurous hiker you can explore the four corners of Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
Kazan River
Inuit Ku – The River of Men A Canadian Heritage River known for its record breaking fishing and its untamed beauty.
Highway Bays
Venture to the north end of the lake, far from the lodge to find rarely fished bays that offer excellent Trout fishing and massive Northern Pike.
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