The Best Time to Fish for Trophy Lake Trout

The Best Time to Fish for Trophy Lake Trout

What angler hasn't asked the question, "When is the best time to fish for trophy lake trout?" or whatever other fish you're after. If only the answer were as simple as the question. Unfortunately, it's hard to predict at exactly what point in the season you're likely to catch the biggest lake trout. After all, if it were that easy, every trout fisherman you know would be joining us here at Kasba Lake Lodge at the same time each year!

The fact is that the best time really varies from year to year. Ask 10 anglers this same question, and you're likely to get 10 different answers. What we can do is to explain why different people choose different parts of the season to fish, then let you decide what time is best for you. Although our season is short (md-June through mid-August), remember that our trophy lake trout are truly remarkable in size, with the record being 56 pounds! So it's well worth it to plan your trip in advance for whatever part of the season suits your fishing style the best.

Early Season

If you prefer fishing shallow water, you'll want to book your trip in the early part of the season - anytime from opening to mid-July. During this time of the year, fish are generally in more shallow inshore waters. Anglers usually have success either trolling or casting crank baits or large spoons. Jigging 2-ounce buck tail jigs has also proven effective. Early season can be a great time to fish for trophy lake trout. In fact, in 2012, it was common to see 20-pound-plus trout caught daily during this time of the year!

Mid to Late Season

Just because many anglers were catching trout weighing in at over 30 pounds during the early part of the 2012 season, doesn't mean you should avoid mid to late season trout fishing. In fact, from mid July through the latter part of August, many fishermen have had great success fishing in the deeper areas of Kasba Lake.

Here's another reason to aim for late in the season: the incredible number of Cisco that spawn in the islands in front of our camp. The bountiful numbers of this small bait fish really bring in the trophy lake trout within close vicinity to our lodge. It's not uncommon for more than 50 trout a day to be caught during this late-season spawning of the Cisco.

Any Time is the Right Time at Kasba Lake Lodge

So what is the answer to the question, "When is the best time to fish for trophy lake trout?" At Kasba Lake, an easier question to answer would be, "When is the worst time?" The fact is that you'll experience incredible lake trout fishing throughout each season at Kasba Lake. Just imagine reeling in dozens of fish each day! Whether you choose an early, mid or late season fishing getaway, you'll never be disappointed at Kasba Lake Lodge!