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Kasba Lake Lodge Fishing Objectives

To help make your Kasba trip a success our guides would like to know your fishing objectives and preferences, and also your level of expertise. Please complete this form and fax it to our office as soon as possible.

My level of expertise:
I consider myself to be a novice fisherman
I am an intermediate level fisherman
I am a very experienced fisherman


My previous experience:
Lake Trout
Northern Pike
Arctic Grayling


Fly Fishing:
I would enjoy learning to fly fish at Kasba Lake Lodge

I am a novice fly fisherman
I am an intermediate fly fisherman
I am an experienced fly fisherman

Fly fishing is not important to me

I have fly fished for the following species:


When fishing I enjoy:
Fly Fishing
Generally, whatever is most productive


In order of importance, my objectives are
(please number, with 1 being most important)

1 2 3
Lots of action. If I catch a big fish, that's great
Catching a Trophy Lake Trout
Catching a Trophy Northern
Catching a Trophy Grayling
I just want to have a good time and catch some fish

In terms of fishing, my most important priority is:

In terms of entire trip at Kasba Lake Lodge my most important priority is: