Tyler Jones

Kasba Nickname:

A long time Kasba veteran there isn’t many areas on Kasba that Tyler hasn’t fished at least once. Tyler has taken on the role of Head Guide and Sales Manager at Kasba Lake.

What he loves about Kasba:

"Disconnecting from a busy life in the city, enjoying untouched nature, connecting with Kasba family... and tons of fish!"
Hometown: Ontario

General Background: Been guiding since 2005 worked 10 years as a fisheries and wildlife biologist.

Guiding Experience: 16 years

Personal Interests: Fishing, Curling and Fishing

Favourite Area on Kasba: Beach north of Bathtub Bay

Favourite Shore Lunch: Pineapple Curry and Grilled Cajun

Favourite Lure: Husky Jr. in any outrageous colour