Tyler Jones

Kasba Nickname:
Tyee Tyler

A biologist who prefers to study only the largest fish out there.

What he loves about Kasba:

"Great friends, awesome food, and Giant Fish!"
Hometown: Peterborough, Ontario

General Background: 2 diplomas in fish and wildlife. Double honors degree in Biology / Environmental Science. Works for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources as a fish tech / biologist.

Guiding Experience: 8 years guiding, 4 specifically on Kasba Lake.

Personal Interests: All things fish, curling.

Favorite Area on Kasba: Beach North of Bathtub Bay. It is where I got engaged!.. And the fishing isn't bad either!

Favorite Shore Lunch: Salsa Baked Trout with cheese and Baked Potatoes with cayenne mushrooms.

Favorite Lure: For Pike: Booyah Chatterbait (white) For Trout: Bright-coloured Flatfish (T-60)