Trophy Lake Trout Fishing

Trophy Lake Trout Fishing

If you are seeking premium Canadian Lake Trout fishing Kasba Lake has the ideal conditions. Located in the Northwest Territories of Canada and with over 1500 square miles of water, Kasba Lake provides the structure and forage base that large populations of giant trophy Lake Trout require. Large waters equal large fish at Kasba!

Enormous Lake Trout swim at shallow depths all season long in these cold waters, making Kasba one of the best locations for Lake Trout fishing in Canada. Proof is the scores of 20-50 lb trophy Lake Trout our guests land at Kasba each fishing season.

Trout fishing is popular at Kasba because Kasba Lake Trout offer a diverse range of angling for conventional and fly fishermen alike. In both the lake and rivers you will use light to medium-heavy tackle and employ a variety of techniques from trolling, casting, jigging, and more.

Trout 7-2

All season Lake Trout running four to ten pounds provide excellent light tackle action while casting and jigging. Virtually every stretch of Kasba's 1500 miles of pristine shoreline holds these fish.

Under the right conditions, Kasba Lake Trout can even be taken on surface baits and streamers while they feed on schools of cisco in Kasba's shallow inshore waters. Our Lake Trout fishing guests are thrilled to see these hard-fighting fish slam lures on top and amazed by just how many they can catch.

When you're ready to do battle with Kasba's monster Lakers, trolling or casting large spoons and crank baits or jigging 2 oz. buck tail jigs is generally most effective. Through the end of July you'll catch trophy fish in relatively shallow water. During mid-summer you can explore Kasba's deeper reaches, until the fish come up to spawn late in the season.

Regardless of method, you'll be rewarded by big, strong and aggressive fish. And when they hit, you'd better hang on. The sheer power and heart-pounding runs of a 20 to 50 pound Lake Trout is something you'll respect very quickly and never forget. See for yourself. Plan your next Canadian Lake Trout fishing trip with Kasba Lodge

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