Trophy Arctic Grayling Fishing

Arctic Grayling

As if time stood still, the Kazan River rises at Kasba Lake and sweeps majestically downstream through spruce - lined valleys of boreal forest and fragrant tundra. Wildlife abounds and evidence of Inuit and Cree habitation still remain, testimony to a time not so long ago when these were the homelands of nomadic people. For many guests, the time spent fishing for Arctic Grayling in this Canadian Heritage River is the highlight of their trip.

Below a set of beautiful rapids you cast into the gently bubbling current... and almost instantly your rod comes to life. A vigorous little battle of jumps and runs ensues, until, in your hands, you carefully cradle a beautiful iridescent 3ΒΌ lb. Arctic Grayling. Your next cast... another Arctic Grayling fish and another and another...

Arctic Grayling

This is fishing for Arctic Grayling Kasba Style, and it is a fact it's the finest Arctic Grayling fishing in the world. What sets Canada Arctic Grayling fishing at Kasba apart from all others it's not only the quantity but the size. Catches of forty or more Arctic Grayling fish a day, with numerous fish over 3 lbs., is par for the course at Kasba.

In fact, Kasba anglers catch legitimate 4 lb. + Grayling every season. The Kasba Lake Lodge Arctic Grayling record stands at an amazing 5 lbs. 10 oz., just 4 oz. shy of the All - Tackle IGFA World Record, AND two new IGFA line-weight records in 2014 and 2015 means it just doesn't get any better!

Arctic Grayling

You will use light spinning or fly gear to catch these opportunistic feeders, presenting small jigs, spinners or flies to schools of fish in the rivers' rapids and along the lake's sheltered shores. The varied topography of gently rolling hills and rocky outcrops along our rivers provide the perfect habitat for Canada Arctic Grayling fishing and an excellent range of water for conventional and fly fishermen alike.

Arctic Grayling Experience from Matt Hill on Vimeo.