Tim Kostaniuk

Kasba Nickname:
Slay Day

A new-age pirate who has been making a splash for over 6 years on Kasba

What he loves about Kasba:

"The company. So many great people and great memories at Kasba. That's why I keep coming back."
Hometown: St. Andrews, MB.

General Background: Paramedic by day. Trophy slayer by night!

Guiding Experience: 17 years total, 7 of which have been on Kasba Lake.

Personal Interests: Softball, hockey, fishing, hunting, tennis, basketball, volleyball, wakeboarding, skiing, snowboarding.

Favorite Area on Kasba: The Schwandt River. Giant Pike and Big Trout all merge to feed on the baitfish and grayling!

Favorite Shore Lunch: Fiesta Baked Trout! (Salsa)

Favorite Lure: Orange T-55 Super