Ryan MacDonald

Kasba Nickname:

A true lunker hunter who has a knack for finding large fish in the shallowest of waters

What he loves about Kasba:

"Giant Pike, extreme Lake Trout, and great conversation!"
Hometown: LeRoy, SK

General Background: Plumber / Gasfitter. Master improviser. 4 year apprenticeship at Siat Institute of Technology.

Guiding Experience: 8 years total, 4 years on Kasba

Personal Interests: Exploring the tundra by canoe. Custom canoes and motorcycles.

Favorite Area on Kasba: The East Side Esker for Trout, all of our awesome Pike flyouts, and the Kazan River mouth for everything!

Favorite Shore Lunch: Bacon wrapped Trout.

Favorite Lure: Blaze-orange with black dots T-60 Flatfish. Hammered copper and chartreuse husky jr. eppinger spoon.