Robert AJ Ecker

Kasba Nickname:
Banjo Bob

The original "Pirate of Kasba Lake". Banjo Bob has been terrorizing waters in this region for years.

What he loves about Kasba:

"Quite simply, the food! Chef puts on a feat every night, not to mention Jimmy's morning omelets!"
Hometown: Scourie Bay, Scotland. Presently Saskatoon, SK.

General Background: Self-employed. Pillage and plunder!

Guiding Experience: Missed 4 seasons guiding since I started in 1976.

Personal Interests: Hunting and Fishing. Entrepreneurship in general.

Favorite Area on Kasba: Jimmies! There are always fish there!

Favorite Shore Lunch: Traditional Fried Trout. Can't beat it!

Favorite Lure: Flies in general. Nothing quite like caching on the fly!