Where is Kasba Lake Lodge Located?

Kasba Map Kasba Lake fishing lodge is located in the temperate subarctic in Northern Canada in the Northwest Territories, just north of the Manitoba - Saskatchewan border. Kasba Lake is Canada's 28th largest lake spanning 55 by 25 miles. The lake is 150 miles from the nearest road, is accessible only by air, and is fished exclusively by our guests on Canada's best fishing trips. Our strict catch and release policy ensures top fishing conditions making Kasba one of the top Canada fishing resorts for your fishing trip.

Kasba Lake Lodge - Northwest Territories Kasba Lake Lodge has a private charter that takes you directly from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada to Kasba Lake Lodge. Since the charter leaves early in the morning you and your party will need to over-night in Winnipeg the evening before your fishing adventure.

Kasba has arranged a special "Fisherman Rate" at the Courtyard Marriott in Winnipeg, please contact Amanda at our office directly to have her make hotel reservations for you. In the morning the hotel will provide you with coffee and muffins before you board the hotel shuttle that will take you to our chartered aircraft.

The flight from Winnipeg to Kasba Lake Lodges private airstrip is approximately 2.5 hours long. A light breakfast will be served during the flight. Come see for yourself why Kasba Lake Lodge is the best Canadian fishing resort!

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