Jordan Day

Kasba Nickname:

Grandson of a Kasba legend who has been tearing up the waters on Kasba for over 5 years

What he loves about Kasba:

"The great people you meet from all over the world & the fishing! Beautiful scenery and little communication with civilization"
Hometown: Kamloops, BC.

General Background: Surveillance Operator, Drone Operator

Guiding Experience: 8 years on Kasba Lake

Personal Interests: Fishing, prospecting, RC planes / drones

Favourite Area on Kasba: East Side and Kai Island down to the Schwandt River. Trophies of every species in one area!

Favourite Shore Lunch: Ham, pineapple, bacon baked Trout with sweet curry potatoes and beans.

Favourite Lure: Pearl Flatfish XT60