Fly Out Fishing Trip Options

Fly Out Fishing Trips an Option.. Not a Necessity

Kasba Lake Flyout Options One thing that sets Kasba apart from other Canada fishing lodges is the excellent trophy fishing for all three species right on the main lake!

With 1,500 square miles of pristine lake to explore and fish on Kasba Lake there is no need to fly out to fish, although we do offer several flyout options. We have an on site float plane ready to take you on an unforgettable adventure any day so there is no need to book you flyout fishing trip in advance.

We do highly recommend the spectacular Kazan River flyout to fish the river for Lake Trout, Northern Pike, and world-record Arctic Grayling. Should you wish, other great fly-out fishing trips for Northern Pike are also available.

The Kazan River

Species: G T
Located 25 Miles Northeast of Kasba Lake Lodge, the Kazan River flyout is considered a must see for every guest at Kasba. Designated as a Canadian Signature Experience A pristine river with large rapids that is absolutely teeming with Workd Record Arctic Grayling and spectacular shallow water Lake Trout. Take in breathtaking scenery that surrounds while running river rapids and casting for fish on light tackle. A sport and Fly fisherman's dream. Fly-Out

Atzinging Lake

Species: P T G
A quick 22 mile flight west of Kasba Lodge lies a large lake dotted with islands and reefs. Located on the renowned Snowbird River System, Atzinging is a largely untouched laked filled with amazing numbers of Northern Pike . With so much of this lake undiscovered it is the perfect destination for the adventurer wishing to explore for their chance at the next giant fish!

Bradford Lake

Species: P
Located 30 miles Southwest of Kasba Ladge, Bradford lake has been certifies a "Pike Factory " by years of Kasba guests. A narrow lake with large shallow bays filled with grass and lily pads, Bradford is known for tons of action and plenty of big fish to make this trip a worthwhile one! Bradford Lake Fly-Out

Pikeasaurus Lake

Species: P
Located 20 miles South of Kasba Lodge is Pikeasaurus Lake. First fished in 2010 this lake had produced some of the largest Northern Pike seen in the waters around Kasba. A picturesque experience with beautiful bays and grassy river channels - the ideal spot to hunt that Pike of your dreams.

Species Key:

P: Northern Pike | T: Lake Trout | G: Arctic Grayling