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"We all landed big fish of every species along with days where each person caught 50-fish or more. You lose track at some point. With out exaggeration "Guide-Crash" can verify it I caught about a 12 pound trout on my first cast and I caught 4 trout in my first 6 casts."
Fantastic Time
Steve Berhow
"We have just booked our 3rd trip to Kasba and are counting the days. Everything in Matt’s blog and all of the website information on the type of gear to use, the fishing, the food, the accommodations, the logistics, the guides is information you can use to rest assured you are in for the trip of a lifetime"
Returning Guests
"What a great lake to fish for trophy fish. 23 & 35 lb. Lake Trout. Big Northern & trophy Grayling in the Kazan River. A must do trip!"
Trophy Fishing
"A repeat trip for us and this album isn't sufficient space to describe the experiences & superd times. Brenda got 41 pike and then 2 mins later I laneded a 42" pike, caught apporx 50" pike today alone. Food was 5-Star! Rooms clean, quiet and very comfortable. We will return again & again as we make this a tradition. "
Superb Trip
Brenda & Bruce from Pairs, IL
"Dad & I had a wonderful time. Thanks for the special food, great guide (Tyler), and comfortable boats & cabins."
Wonderful Time
Wes & Maurein from Lando Lakes, WI
"Great Time! Lots of fish, great food & Company"
Great Time
Heath Family from Eden Prairie, MN
"We had a blast, looking forward to 4 days at the Kazan outpost"
We had a blast
Phyllis from Deep River, ON
"Everything went well Fishing, food, guide, and excellent service."
Wonderful Trip
Richard from Howell, MI
"The guides & staff are great! The food & services are wonderful!"
Great Time
Bob & Sandy from Durand, WI
"4th Great year of eating, sleeping, fun and fishing!"
Great Year!
Ed from Hollywood, FL
"Great Time, Top Notch guides. "
Best of the Best!
"This trip has been a dream for many years, thanks for making it come true. "
Dream Come True!
Dan from North Carolina
"Very good Guides, Good Stories. I will try ato make it back one day soon. "
Top Notch Lodge!
Randy from Minnesota
"The fishing, Food, and Staff are the BEST! "
What a great time!
Dean from Minnesota
"Thanks for a good first time trip up to Kasba! Good fishing, Good food, and a Good time!"
Good Time!
Brian, Joe, Cam, And Steve From Minnesota
"Wonderful trip of 9 days! Would recommend Kasba to any fisherman. Thank you all for a most memorable trip!!"
Wonderful trip of 9 days!
Tom & Andy From Ohio
"Another great year at Kasba, such a nice place to fish and have a wonderful time. Thanks to Scott another trophy season!"
Another great year at Kasba!
Jim From Kansas
"Had a great trip! I am not really a fisherman, but still caught lost of fish."
Another Great Trip!
Stefanie From Kansas
"Nice Pike! Nice Folks!"
Gene From Minnesota
"First time to Kasba and had a great time. Fantastic guides & staff!"
Great Time!
Gerry From Minnesota
"Staff was very helpful & friendly.........obviously well selected & tained staff. Guides were thoughtful & friendly."
Very Helpful & Friendly
Alan From Minnesota
"Outstanding lodge, great guides, and outsatnding staff."
William From Minnesota
"Great Gudies and nice friendly staff."
Great Guides!
Brad From Minnesota
"We had a fantastic experience, watching Brenda catch her first fish ever and then a 39" pike for her second fish was a life time priceless event! Food is absolutely wonderful, crew was all client/guest comfort orientated. Banjo Bob did a fantastic guide service, especially with a first time fisherwomen. We already rescheduled for next year. It is beyond description and mere woreds do no justice to the operation of Kasba Lodge, and the dedication of the owners, crew and the gudies. This is "First Calss"!!!!"
Fantastic Experience
Bruce & Brenda From Illinois
"Had a great four days, guide Trent Leys was the best guide we have ever had. He did everything very well. Camp is great and the total experience was outstanding!!! PS Jay caught a Triple Crown!"
Great four days!
Jay & Lowell From Florida
"Good Trip! Ferocious, stubborn this year but we'll get them next year. Trent was an outstanding guide as usual. Camp is a wonderful as is the food. Be Back in 2010!!!"
Good Trip
Jim & Delores From Wisconsin
"Great trip to the Kazan River Outpost. Fantastic fly fishing for grayling, pike, and trout!"
Kazan River Outpost
Lombard Group From Saskatchewan
"WOW! Waht a fishing trip, lots of fish and giant ones!"
Scott From Texas
"Your people are great!"
John From Minnesota
"Not enough words to describe Kasba lake lodge"
Babe Winkelman Productions
Babe Winkelman
"I have fished from Alaska to Australia and have never met a group of guides who work so hard to put their guests on trophy fish."
Fishing Editor, Outdoor Canada Magazine
Field Editor, In-Fisherman Magazine
Co-Host, The Real Fishing Radio Show

"My trip to Kasba was fantastic. The food was world-class, the guides were helpful and informative, the setting was gorgeous and the fishing extraordinary."
Editor, In-Fisherman Magazine
"Winter nights I dream of Kasba! Thanks for the memories"
Editor, In-Fisherman Magazine
"the finest Arctic Grayling fishing on earth"
Senior In-Fisherman Editor
Dave Csanda
"This trip goes in the Memory bank!"
Minnestoa Bound
Bill Sherck
"We returned from Kasba this weekend and I'm absolutely blown away by the fishing resource up there and the pure adventure in such a wild place"
Minnestoa Bound
Bill Sherck
"Huge Fish WOW"
Fishing with Roland Martin TV Series
Roland Martin
"Best Trophy area in the world"
Fishing with Roland Martin TV Series
Roland Martin
"Great site fish and real exciting"
Fishing with Roland Martin TV Series
Roland Martin
"Great fishing in fact after our arms got tired after all those pike we switched to Kasba famous Lake trout"
Babe Winkelman Productions
Babe Winkelman
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