Colin Welch

Kasba Nickname:

One of the hardest fishermen to ever cruise the waters of Kasba. Pike can't sleep while they know he is out there..

What he loves about Kasba:

The fishing is very, very good and consistently so. Three species and big fish. Great friends!
Hometown: Manitoba

General Background: Guide

Guiding Experience: 39 Years on Kasba

Personal Interests: Scrimshaw. Pool. Woodworking.

Favourite Area on Kasba: I don't have a favourite - there are so many! I do love the run up Snowbird River for Pike, and you will often find me trolling the East Side Esker and Dome for giant Trout.

Favourite Shore Lunch: Bacon Pineapple Trout or Fish Chowder!

Favourite Lure: Half Wave and Panther Martin!