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Located in a remote and virtually untouched corner of Canada's remote Northwest Territories, Kasba Lake Lodge provides guests with frontier fly-fishing at it's finest.

This 5-day long fishing adventure starts after a 3-hour charter flight from Winnipeg to a private airstrip right beside the lodge. Waiting at the fishing lodge is a vintage DH2 Beaver (floatplane) to fly you out on the day you choose to the World Heritage Kazan River for fun, feasting, and fishing.

The Beaver will land in a small lake where you will continue your fishing adventure by boat through the protected waters of the Kazan River. There are numerous rapids and your world class fishing guide will expertly navigate through rocks and standing waves of the river.

You can view Barren Land Grizzlies, Mackenzie Gulls, Arctic Turns, Raptors, Swans, Snow Geese, Moose, Wolves and more. You can also stop on the riverbank and enjoy wild blueberries, cranberries and other berries as well as stunning Arctic flora. During your fishing adventure you'll catch and release numerous Lake Trout and Arctic Grayling.

The highlight of each day will be shorelunch, when your fishing guide prepares fresh caught fish for you to enjoy with the breathtaking backdrop of this world heritage site.

After hours of satisfying sport fishing, return to Kasba Lodge for a sumptuous gourmet dinner in our dining room. As the midnight sun dips low on the horizon enjoy a game with friends, a cocktail from the bar and the local flavor of some of our resident acoustic musicians. Gaze out on the lake, watch the last of the boats come in, and let yourself dream of the next days fishing.

Kasba Lake Lodge - Canada's Best Fishing Experience from Matt Hill on Vimeo.

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