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Fly Fishing at Kasba

Kasba Lake Lodge offer both challenges and variety for both beginner fly-fishers and the most advanced. The ability to fish all three species of Northern Pike, Lake Trout, and Arctic Grayling on the fly is what really sets us apart. Catching these aggressive predators on the fly is one of life's great sporting experiences and some of the most rewarding fly fishing in Canada.

Fly Fishing for Northern Pike

Fly Fishing Northern Pike

Always dreamed of catching aggressive Pike on the fly? Your Kasba guide will get you up close and personal with one of Kasba's primary game fish. Casting to Pike in weed beds, cabbage patches and creek mouths you'll quickly come to appreciate that big Pike will rarely pass up a well presented fly.

Fly Fishing for Lake Trout

Fly Fishing Lake Trout

Lake Trout take flies eagerly. Throughout June and early July lake trout will take dry flies under calm conditions. There is also ample opportunity of taking Trophy Lake Trout on the fly as the cold water conditions hold them high in the water column. During the Cisco (bait fish) spawn from late July through August fly fishermen will experience especially outstanding action as Lake Trout forage on these fish in shallow waters right on the surface.

Fly Fishing for Arctic Grayling

Fly Fishing Arctic Grayling

Arctic Grayling in the rivers offer superb action for any fly fisher. Grayling are opportunistic feeders and will take wets and nymphs on sink tips or sinking lines all season.

As dry fly quarry grayling are unequalled. Anglers specifically interested in taking these beautiful fish on dry flies should consider a fly fishing trip from mid-July through mid-August.

For your convenience a selection of appropriate fishing flies is available at the lodge.

"I recently spent a week at Kasba Lake Lodge shooting an episode of The New Fly Fisher Television Show. I must say that right from the very beginning it was professionally run with courteous, and well informed staff, clean and comfortable modern accommodations, and the food was out of this world. Did I mention the fishing? It was nothing short of incredible!! It didn't seem to make a difference if the weather was bad, the fish were always biting. I also had an experience I never had in over 40 years of fishing, and that was lake trout fishing on top water flies. It was outstanding to say the least. I used only flies throughout the whole week and I managed to take four pike over 40", numbers of arctic grayling in the 3 pound area on dry flies, and a personal best lake trout on the fly at 17lbs... I did lose a much bigger fish, but that is another story. My guide Griffin was highly knowledgeable, and put me into fish constantly. I highly recommend Kasba for your next fishing trip. This is also a lodge you can take a novice fisher as their chances of hooking up a big fish is high. Great fishing, Great Accommodations, Great food and best of all great people."

Bill Spicer
F.F.F Master Certified Casting Instructor
Host of The New Fly Fisher TV Show

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