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The Ferocious and Bold Northern Pike Fish
Posted: Mar 25, 2017
Interested in a fishing challenge that is full of excitement? Northern pike fishing in the Northwest Territo-ries can give you exactly the fishing adventure you're looking for. Ferocious, energetic and bold, North-ern Pike are fierce predators providing constant, visual, all-day surface action! Furthermore, Pike wres-tling matches usually occur in shallow water which makes it that much more exciting. You will be able to see the fish from the bow of your boat. As a result, Northern pike are a very popular, highly sought after, game fish. When you go to remove the hook, take great care since they have powerful jaws with very sharp teeth and can get hold of unaware fingers.

Northern pike (esox lucius) are usually found in fresh and brackish water but they have the ability to adapt to almost any type of body of water as long as there are abundant food source. They are a car-nivorous fish and solitary, but aggressive predators. They feed on insects, leeches and smaller fish. Young Northern Pike will first feed on daphnia and other small invertebrates and then gammaruses and asselluses as they grow larger. Once they reach about 3? to 5? they will start going after small fish and gradually larger fishing including their own species, whitefish, cisco, and small lake trout. If food sources become scarce Northern Pike can develop cannibalism. For this reason, there is often a high mortality rate among younger Pike especially during low food periods.

The Northern Pike's habitat will usually be in weedy bays or sluggish streams - places abundantly found on Kasba Lake! Northern Pike prefer to lurk around weed beds and rocks so they can ambush their prey at their most vulnerable moment. Northern pike can remain completely still for extended periods of time until suitable prey passes by and then they will strike with amazing and explosive acceleration. They pre-fer clear water for the best visibility. Northern Pike fish do not generally school but will follow other schools of other fish during the winter months.

At Kasba Lake Lodge, we are known for some of the best northern pike fishing in Canada. Kasba an-glers land hundreds of giant Northern Pike in the 38"-50" range and the Kasba Lake northern pike record currently stands at 54 inches (36 lbs). Contact us for more details on your Northern pike fishing adven-ture today!

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