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World Class Fishing at Kasba

World Class Fishing - Northern Pike

Kasba Lake Lodge is a popular choice for anglers because the Kasba Lake watershed is a highly productive fresh water ecosystem filled with millions of whitefish, cisco, fresh water shrimp and small aquatics, important links in the aquatic food web. Our remote fishing lodge is surrounded by over 2,000 miles of shoreline, hundreds of islands and reefs, and numerous rivers and streams provide shelter and forage for Northern Pike, Lake Trout and Arctic Grayling.

In 1975, Kasba Lake Lodge was the first fishing lodge in Northern Canada to implement a strict catch and release fishing policy as not to overstress the fishery. That visionary policy has served us extremely well through the years as we continue to be regarded as a top fishing trip destination in Canada and to enjoy world-class fishing and significant repeat business from our guests. If you are planning a fishing trip, come see why we are regarded as one of the best fishing vacations in Canada.

Explore all the exceptional fishing opportunities available to guests at Kasba Lake Lodge:

World Class Fishing - Kasba