Arctic Fly Fishing Seminar

Arctic Fly Fishing Seminar

Arctic Fly Fishing Lessons
June 28 - July 2 and July 6 - July 10, 2023 Kasba Lake Lodge, NWT

Spend four thrilling days learning how to fly fish with one of North America's leading instructors, Mack Martin, Jr., Atlanta Fly Fishing School. Tips and Techniques from the Master!

Fly Fishing Seminar

Four days of Arctic fly fishing lessons packed with skills instruction from fly fishing for beginners to experts - all aspects of fly fishing, including equipment, flies and casting techniques for Arctic fishing. Mack Martin, Jr., Manager of the Atlanta Fly Fishing School, Atlanta, GA (www.atlantaflyfishingschool.com), is a FFF Master Certified Fly Casting Instructor, a CRBG Certified Professional Fly Rod Builder and has fly fished throughout North & South America including many trips to remote areas of Alaska.

Mack is also very active with Trout Unlimited and is currently the Chairman of the Georgia Council of Trout Unlimited.

General Agenda for Kasba Fly Fishing Lessons

Day 1 **
A. Fly Fishing Equipment.... How & Why It Is Different From Spin or Bait Casting
B. Fly Lines and Leaders.... How Do They Work?
Day 2 **
The Six Fundamental Rules for Fly Casting (AFFS-DVD presentation and discussion on fly rods)
Day 3 **
Fly Casting in the Wind... How Do You Do It? (Demonstration and Instruction)
Day 4 **
Killer Flies for Northern Pike... What Do They Look Like and How are They Tied?

** Fly fishing lessons are held in the evenings after dinner and will last for < 45 minutes unless there are topics of discussion or questions offered by participants. Don't miss this amazing opportunity to build your fly fishing skills while enjoying Kasba's first class accommodation, pristine environment and, of course, world renowned fishing. Space is limited for Kasba Fly Fishing Lessons - book now!