Matthew Hill

Kasba Nickname:

3rd generation Hill family who has been breaking the ice on Kasba for over 8 years

What he loves about Kasba:

"It has to be the people that make Kasba the greatest place to spend a summer. We have great characters both working and coming up as guests, and the laughs and stories are worth the work."
Hometown: Parksville, BC

General Background: 3rd generation Hill family. I have been coming to Kasba every year since I was born. Have worked in Thailand and in Canada in the Hospitality / Resort Industry for the past 5 years.

Guiding Experience: 8 years on Kasba

Personal Interests: Fishing, Travel, Hockey, Soccer

Favorite Area on Kasba: Without a doubt my favorite area is the North End. Lots of untouched water and some fantastic structure makes for great fishing.

Favorite Shore Lunch: BBQ Grilled Trout or Thai Curried Trout. Sweet Chili Potatoes are the best.

Favorite Lure: For Pike: #5 Mepps Spinner Double Blades are great new lures! Trout: Rainbow colored Tomic Plug