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Winter update from Scotty

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Winter update from Scotty

Entered: Feb 14, 2012  -  Updated: Feb 27, 2012
Hmmm... Looking at the calender today & it is hard 2 believe it is almost mid feb already.... In short that means spring & open water are just around the corner LOL...

Speaking of weather this entire year has been abnormally warm (from 4 previous years)...I have had 1 day this month where the air temp was +1 C... Awesome... The coldest day so far (knock on wood ) has been -42 C... Serious winchill days the temp feels like -55 too -65 C... I see everyone shivering now LOL.

The wildlife sightings this year have been poor 2 say the least... I remember someone saying that he would post pics & vids of the migration.... Well that is real tough when there are none... When i 1st sighted them in (early Nov) 4 of the 6 i saw were on very newly formed ice.... So that was the mighty fall migration.... Since then i have not seen a hoof print at all from either a caribou or moose....

Now this was cool... 1st time that i had ever seen a wolf pack bed... It consisted of 3 beds... 2 were very close2 each other & the 3rd was about 5m away.... This is the suprising part... The beds were located on the esker top in the burnt out section between bathtub & North shore... You could even see where the snow drifted on the wolves after a night of moderate wind... Lady went balistic !!! I do admit that the wolves are the only regular traffic in the area... When they come through (about ever 10-12 days) it is a very very fast pace just marking boundries... The distance they cover over the ice is remarkable & in such a short time... I guess when the food phone rings there is no time to slack off...

The only other critter is a wolverine in which i just spotted yesterday between the end of the esker & trappers cabin...

As for lake conditions they are the best in 5 years... With the least amount of snow there is a beautiful sheet of ice... Areas that are usually open are even froze over this year... Ice thickness on average is about 39" I have drilled through 44 "... The fishing has been good... There is never a shortage of lunch swimming... Now this makes me wonder when someone will suprise me & just show up & say lets go ice fishing ?

Well folks, that is it for now.....

From: Mack Martin | 2/22/2012 7:25:02 PM

Well for you fly fishermen......those fish will soon be looking for some melted ice, warmer water and food. That's what makes the early fly fishing so much fun!
Reply From: Blog Administrator | 2/23/2012 4:37:22 PM

That's right Mack and for you fly fishermen out there we still have a few spaces left when Mack is at the lodge to give you some great tips on fly fishing and tying for those Kasba fish.
From: Les Brazier | 2/22/2012 8:37:50 AM

Here is waiting like the rest of us for the ice and snow to melt!
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