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Top Five Ways to Beat
the Winter Fishing Blues

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Top Five Ways to Beat
the Winter Fishing Blues

Entered: Jan 30, 2012  -  Updated: Feb 28, 2014
Top Five Ways to Beat the Winter Fishing Blues

Don't worry - your wait is more than half over!

One of the sure-fire ways to shake off those winter time fishing blues is by counting down the weeks to opening day at your favourite fishing resort, Kasba Lake Lodge. The first trip of the season is June 28, only 24 weeks until tight lines.

To further reduce your pain, try combining the count down with these other steps:

  1. Head over to Kasba's You Tube channel and relive all the highlights from the previous seasons
  2. Take the tackle list from "Retail Therapy" to your favourite fishing store
  3. Come out and visit us at a Sportsman's Show near you
  4. Book your 2012 Kasba fishing trip now and take advantage of our "Fishing Blues Winter Sale".
Call Clark for all the details (952) 473-7077

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